The Berlin | Wool Hat


Inspired by the people of Berlin - and where the brand store is also located - the Berlin hat is a cool option that offers a fresh style even on a day-to-day use.

The Berlin belongs to the trilby hat group and it is characterised by a hybrid crown that lies between the Diamond and the Porkpie, yet with a forward-facing brim. 

Practical and comfortable city hat

Just put it on and go out of the house to discover the city or town you leave in. The Berlin is an excellent companion that will not only protect your head out there, but it can be also worn indoors.

Made with love in the EU

This hat is made out of 100% Portuguese wool and it has been fully produced in the EU. It comes with a noble black-brown fabric brim and it is water repellent. The hat crown is 8,5 cm height and has been formed with a classic pressing. The hat brim is 4,5 cm long and it is formable.

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